PERFECT VISION (CD with the Metropole Orchestra, 2014)
Basta Music has long had a fondness for pioneering orchestra leaders, composers and arrangers. The label has released music by such legends as Leroy Shield, Raymond Scott, Les Baxter, Roger Roger, André Popp, Ferde Grofé, Gordon Jenkins, and Russ Garcia. But one name was overlooked... Guest appearance from Geert Chatrou on 6 tracks. Order

Solamente Una Fez
Sentimental Journey

STRANGE FLUTE (CD with Ocobar, 2013)
After the very successful first collaboration between OCOBAR and Geert Chatrou on an earlier album, the all wanted more! This is the result! Idiosyncratic pop...
Short Skirt Day

MIJN NAAM IS HAAS (Computer game)
Soundtrack of the game. Composer: Paul van Vulpen.

Soundtrack van de film. Componist: Klaus Badelt.

Radio commercial.

Fluit!FLUIT! (Book & audio book, Rubinstein 2009)
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ORNITHOLOGY (Basta Records 2008)
On his latest album, Geert is searching for the ‘whistlability’ of several music styles. Result is a musical journey through a much wider variety of styles, from jazz to klezmer to classic to pop. Several pieces were composed especially for Chatrou’s virtuoso whistling by well known Dutch composers. The second disc contains a short animation by Liza Skvorcova as well as a documentary by Jasper ten Berge. Producer: Jakob Klaasse, cover design: Aleksey Budovski, artwork: Peter Allard. Order
Eleonora (A. Honhoff)
Bordel 1900 (A. Piazzolla)
Alla Turcka (W.A. Mozart)
Kazimirz Suite (trad)

ChatroubadourCHATROUBADOUR (Basta Records 2005)
Geert’s first album, together with Ocobar. All songs were specially written to fit Chatrou's virtuoso whistling. Whitout hesitation, you could say this is an addictive cd. Special guest appearances by Fay Lovsky (voice, theremin, singing saw) and Jos Valster (sax). Contains a remix by Zuco103 DJ Git Hyper. Artwork by worldfamous illustrator Joost Swarte.
After listening to this CD, you will whistle more then ever before! Order
Fête de la Belle
The Green Desert
Baselique de la Bicyclette
(all songs: Wijtman, Wijtman en van Vuuren).

Featured on CD's of: Freek de Jonge, Angela Groothuizen, Lenny Kuhr, Nico van de Wetering, Tura Troubadoura, Mark van Dijk, Gerard van Maasakkers, SQY, De Bazzookas, Cor Mutsers.

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