Got a question about whistling? Got another comment? Feel free to call or mail Geert.
tel: +31 6 41397321   e-mail:

Bookings: Jeroen van der Schaaf, Fields Of Roses Music,
tel: +31 6 55371152   e-mail:


  • With your (symphonic) orchestra, brass band or big band. (for instance for a proms- or New Year's concert).
  • With Ocobar, the band on Geert's first CD (optionally featuring Fay Lovsky).
  • With the Esther Steenbergen trio, consisting of Esther Steenbergen (guitar), Eric Calmes
    (bass) and Enrique Firpi (percussion).
  • With pianist or guitarist.
  • Solo with a music-minus-one tape.

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